Friday, December 26, 2008

Solo and Duets project - Week 15

I should have started this back in September! The solo and Duet posted this week are number 15. My solos are intended as short, contrasting, concert etudes.
These pieces are not hard if you have a fluent low register. One thing I made sure of is use of the entire horn range, we need to move beyond the limited low register use like what we encounter in Kopprasch. There are still a couple of pieces that I will be working on for weeks before I feel I can really do them as one-takes, but these are not them.

Solo #15, opus 139
This one needs to be very smooth, I needed to use really full lungs, but easy, slow air. The only real technical difficult is in the fingering on the first sextuplet the D# to E needs to be fingered 23 to 3 on the F horn and it can be done smoothly.

Duet #15, opus 132
The recordings of the new version of the first 16 duets are done, as soon as I can I will be going to press with the revised duet book (#1-16).
This duet again, except for the low register control is quite easy. The answer to all problems here is the ability to really fill up with air.
I like the Hindemith feeling of this one.

Richard Burdick

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