Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A dream of a human resources based economy.

I wanted to comment on the general idea that it's a person is not being paid what they deserve to be paid.

We have an economy that used to be based on gold reserves. Now it seems to be baseless. I'm not an economist so I really don't know but I have been trying to figure out the idea that if a economic system can be based on gold, which is an arbitrary basis why can't it be based on human resources?

A business with happier energetic workers accomplishes more than if they had unproductive workers. The happy energetic workers are worth more and add more value to the company. They then add more value to the local economy and perhaps the country. A country with more qualified workers then might be considered a richer country.

The higher quality of musician in an orchestra the more value it could have to the community. The community would be considered wealthier with a quality orchestra.

I don't see why, a smart economist couldn't figure out a monetary system based on human resources.

I can see how something like this would promote a greater general feeling of self worth. People would migrate to the locations and type work closer to their passions. They would work from a sense real connection, not just doing a job to pay the bills etc. And each person working passionately would add more value to the economy.